Marshall Islands

Predominant features and advantages of Marshall Islands Company

  • Legislation -
  • Excellent privacy protection allowing any person to control a company without their name disclosed in the public records, which can be achieved by utilising bearer shares, nominee directors and a power of attorney.
  • Zero taxation on all income, profits, dividends, royalties, compensation or other related sources of revenue for companies registered by non-residents and receiving its income outside the jurisdiction.
  • Shareholder and director registers are not publicly available.
  • At incorporation of Marshall Islands Offshore Company is required to disclose details of the Beneficial Owner to the Registering Agent, but this information is not in the public registry.
  • Employees, directors and shareholders of non-resident Marshall Islands companies are free from personal income tax.
  • Any onshore business conducted in the Marshall Islands is liable to a gross revenue tax of $80.00 per annum on the first $10,000.00 and 3 per cent of the gross revenue in excess of $10,000.00 per annum.
  • There is no public registrar of companies thus the confidentiality is exceptionally enhanced.
  • The bearer shares are permitted.
  • Annual financial reporting and auditing is not required.
  • Marshall Islands has no double tax treaties.
  • The minimum issued share capital is either one share of par value or one share of no par value.
  • Maximum Share Capital is unlimited, but additional government fees apply for share capital over US $50,000 or 500 shares of no par value.
  • No minimum Paid Up capital.
  • TIEA Netherlands/Islands
  • It is one of the few jurisdictions where the offshore company can be taken public; can raise capital from the public.

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