Predominant features and advantages of Seychelles IBC

  • Financial Services Authority - (FSA former SIBA).
  • IBC is not required to have any minimum paid-up capital. Any amount of authorized capital can be determined in the IBC formation documents, as preferred by the subscribers and there are no mandatory timeframes as to when such capital must be paid up. The capital structure of a Seychelles IBC can be extremely flexible and can accommodate versatile business needs.
  • Seychelles IBCs are not subject to tax on income or profits.
  • 20 year tax exempt starting the day of its incorporation.
  • Exempt from stamp duties on transfer of property and any exchange controls.
  • Directors and shareholders are not in the public record, and this information is completely confidential.
  • They do not require to prepare or to file the accounts.
  • When incorporating a new IBC, the Registrar of Companies does not require any data on who is the ultimate beneficial owner of the new company. This information is revealed to the licensed agent of the company and is kept on the internal files together with Register of Members, Register of Directors, Minutes and Resolutions. The only documents of a Seychelles IBC that are held on public record are the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association and they do not indicate who the actual shareholders or the beneficial owners of the company.
  • New IBC`s are usually incorporated within 24 hours.
  • Where any foreign governmental authority, by way of nationalisation, expropriation, confiscation, force or duress, or by imposition of any confiscatory tax, assessment or other governmental charge, takes or seizes any shares or other interest in a Seychelles IBC, a Seychelles court decision may be obtained ordering the company to disregard the attempted seizure and continue to respect the rights of the shareholder of the Seychelles IBC.
  • Seychelles is not subject to EU Savings Tax Directive.
  • Residents of Seychelles may hold the shares of an IBC registered in the Seychelles.
  • There are no foreign exchange controls and funds can be moved freely in and out of The Seychelles.

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