Limited Company

How to set up a Private Limited Company in the UK

  • Requirements to set-up a Private Limited Company and registration with Companies House
  • Filing obligations:
    • Confirmation Statement
    • Annual Accounts
    • Company tax return
  • Corporation tax
  • Dormant Companies and Corporation tax
  • Registration for Corporation Tax online
  • Value Added Tax
    • rates of VAT in the UK
    • should you register?
    • VAT schemes
    • How to register a company for VAT
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Directors Responsibilities Whilst shareholders are the owners of limited companies the job of running them rests with the directors and they must do so for the benefit of the shareholders whilst ensuring compliance with the law.

Directors can be liable to penalties if information is not sent to Companies House on time. They must approve the annual accounts and are also responsible for all the general day to day running of the company including matters such as health and safety.

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Role and Duties of a Company Secretary Must all companies have a secretary?

  • What qualifications does a company secretary need?
  • What are the duties of a company secretary?
  • Does the company secretary have any liability or special duties?
  • What are the other duties of the company secretary?
  • Does a company secretary have any powers?
  • Key facts you need to know about being a Company Secretary.
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What to Put on Your Company Letterhead, Websites and Emails The legal requirements for your company letterhead, websites and emails as well as what goes on your building, cheque book and orders.

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